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Desiree MooreHi & Welcome!

I’m Desiree. I am the founder of Greenhorn Bold and the creator of the free speaking workshops offered here on this website.  Some quick background about me: In 2011 I took a hiatus from my legal practice to write a book for law students and new lawyers.  I also created a training program to help law students and new lawyers with speaking, presentation, presence, and communication skills (among other things).

During that time, through Facebook groups and other virtual masterminds, I got to know other entrepreneurs and small business owners from all over.  When they learned what I did, they asked if I could do similar training for them.  And you know, I didn’t see why not.

This brings us to today — and how this site can help you.

Through Greenhorn Bold, my mission is to help individuals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners master speaking and presentation skills, whether in one-on-one conversation, on camera, or in front of live audiences. While our digital image is incredibly important these days, we cannot forget the value of an engaging personal presence and the power of making real connections. To help you accomplish this, I have developed some free speaking and presentation workshops to help you connect and communicate with others in ways that truly resonate, and that will attract, influence, and inspire.

I am so excited about Greenhorn Bold and would be honored to have you along with me on this journey. I hope all of the content on this site is of use to you and look forward to hearing how it has helped you move forward in business and in life.

In the meantime, thanks for visiting this site.  I wish you boldness and brilliance and all the success in the world.