An “I” For An “I”

I have been thinking about empathy today, and the value in listening. In conversation, when someone is speaking about themselves, allow them to. Listen. Engage them with dialogue that is useful to them. Demonstrate that you have heard what they have said. Validate it. Consider what is being said and ways you can support, reassure, […]

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You Are Not Alone

“As a speaker or presenter, it is your responsibility to deliver a powerful message in a direct, clear way.” Click to tweet! This will be challenging if you have a tendency toward verbal tics or idiosyncrasies or filler language (also known as “verbal hedges”). Common verbal hedges include “um,” “uh,” “like,” nervous laughter, etc. If […]

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How A Spoonful Of Vaseline Will Change Your Perspective As A Speaker, Business Owner, & More

The inventor of Vaseline, Robert Chesebrough, is reported to have eaten a spoonful of Vaseline every night before bed.  He believed in its healing powers.  He believed in the miracle of it. And he lived to be 96 years old in a time when the average life expectancy was 59 years old. What if you […]

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Nothing But Time

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, artist, employee, lawyer (anyone, really), getting work done in an efficient manner should be among your top priorites. Here is an easy system that you can implement beginning today: The art of the list If you want to master your daily schedule, you have to get comfortable […]

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Help! I Need Somebody (How To Get What You Need By Communicating)

Our communication skills are incredibly important when we set out to connect with, influence, and inspire others. “Clear, effective communication is also an important tool for getting the help and resources we need, when we need them.” Click to tweet! Do you know how to ask for help when you need it?  If not, I […]

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Confessions From An Email Inbox

With the number of emails that come in to each of our inboxes daily, email overwhelm is completely understandable. Still, this is the way people in the business world communicate and the best way to keep up is to get a handle on our email inboxes right away. I’m here to help you do this! […]

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The Truth About Quicksand

Did you know that you will not die in quicksand? Not from sinking into it, anyway. If you find yourself in quicksand, you will only sink to the point in which your weight is equal to the weight of the displaced sand/water mixture. If there is a surplus of butter or oil, the government has […]

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I’m Not Sorry

When I was still in college, my theater/dance professor, Jean Isaacs, taught me an incredibly valuable lesson. “Do not apologize for yourself,” she would say. This is one of my favorite principles, in business and in life. While it is incredibly important to apologize if you have done someone wrong, you should never apologize for yourself. […]

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Cash Is King (But What About For Speakers?)

They say “cash is king.”  And it seems to be the case.  For now, anyway, where real estate and stock and other investments have not proven especially reliable. “For speakers, content is king.  And delivery is its Red Queen.” Click to tweet! *     *     * Want to influence and inspire others with your […]

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Website Review – The Lowdown On Laura Roeder’s Social Media Marketer

Hi!  Thanks so much for being here on my blog!  As many of you know, I left my job as an associate in an international law firm to start my own small business.  Through Greenhorn Bold, I work with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners, and others on presence, presentation, and communication skills.  I’m so thankful […]

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