Bold & Brilliant Speaker Workshop – Get Yours!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my Bold & Brilliant Speaker Workshop!

This transformative workshop offers 4 video modules plus lots of great bonus content that you can watch on your own time and any time you like!

  • Module 1: Presentation Presence – Discover your best best body language, demeanor, and presentation delivery
  • Module 2: Presentation Preparation – A step-by-step guide for preparing for formal and informal presentations
  • Module 3: Speaking For Your Audience – Learn how to speak FOR your audience (in honor of them!) and not just TO them
  • Module 4: The Art of Teaching Others – Master the art of actually reaching, inspiring, and influencing your tribe
Bonus content includes:
  • My secrets for being an impressive speaker – even when you mess up or forget your content!
  • The truth about using curse words on video
  • Using books, art, and literature to enhance your speaking abilities
  • Singing for speakers
  • and more!


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