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LinkedInI was on LinkedIn the other day and noticed that some algorithm had selected a number of companies that may be of interest to me.  At the bottom of the list was my old law firm, which does not exist anymore (that firm merged with a larger firm several years ago).  Next to the name of my old firm was a suggestion, “Follow Company.”  

By way of a little background, my old law firm was an amazing one.  Though it was a large firm, we were a tightly knit group of people with a shared mission in many ways.  It wasn’t perfect, but that firm was ahead of the curve in creating a working environment that was comfortable, positive, and conducive to relationship building and conversation.

What’s my point?  When I saw that notation, “Follow Company,” I felt a (wholly unexpected) pang of nostalgia, or sadness even.  In a good way.  Like I wish I could follow that firm somehow.  And it occurs to me that this should be everyone’s mission.  If you are on this list, you either run your own business or you are part of a business entity.  What can you do, what words can you use, what actions can you take as an entrepreneur, as boss, or as one employee in a much larger corporation, to create an atmosphere that one day will be greatly missed? 


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