It Doesn’t Have To Be A Circle

We stayed with friends in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.  They have a two year old little girl.  Every electrical outlet in the wall is plugged with a plastic safety device so she can’t put her fingers in there.  The device is shaped like a circle with the bottom sliced off in a straight line.

I was thinking, as a designer of that product, your first thought might be to make it a circle.  That would be easy enough.  Logical, even.  But then it would interfere with the circle that plugs the outlet directly below it and neither would stay in the wall.  So, the little design nuance – or detail – (a circle with the bottom sliced off), turns a useless product into a perfectly functional, perfectly designed one.

What small detail or adjustment can you add to your business model so that it fits perfectly in its place and adds value to your industry or field?

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