The Truth About Quicksand

Did you know that you will not die in quicksand? Not from sinking into it, anyway. If you find yourself in quicksand, you will only sink to the point in which your weight is equal to the weight of the displaced sand/water mixture.

If there is a surplus of butter or oil, the government has sanctioned the surplus for use in school lunches.

Mirrors on the walls in elevator banks are designed to keep you entertained so you are not aware of the time you spend waiting for the elevator to arrive.

Mary Shelley was 19 years old when she wrote Frankenstein.

Wow. What is it about those random bits of information that stay with us? What is it about the things we actually learn versus the things we forget (most things!)?

I believe it is a combination of things:

in order to learn,

(1) the information has to be delivered powerfully;

(2) the information has to be personal to us, relevant in some way to who we are; and

(3) we have to be in a position to receive the information.

As a speaker or presenter or communicator, these three elements must factor into your presentation model. You will have to perfect a powerful delivery. You will have to learn the avatar of your audience so you can be sure to make the message personal or relevant to them.

“And you will have to deliver the message in such a way that your audience is open to you, open to learning, and in the best position to receive the information.”

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