Who’s Watching Over You?

Last fall, there was a great article in the New Yorker about the value of coaching.  The author, a surgeon who had been practicing for a number of years, enlisted a former professor to coach him through a series of surgeries and help him improve his technique and skill.  Athletes and singers have coaches, the author reasoned, so why not the rest of us?  The professor’s coaching advice was subtle – he was coaching a seasoned professional, after all – but there was plenty to be said and learned, anyway.

I loved this piece.  And, there is such an important take away for entrepreneurs, small business owners, employees, and more.  As determined human beings, we are adept at many diverse things.  We are capable, well-read, have particularized knowledge.  Each one of us is different, but we all have strengths, certainly.

Still, there is so much room for guidance and improvement.  Like the surgeon, we can all benefit from a coach, from someone who is watching over us as we make our way in our businesses and in our lives.  What’s more, with the marketplace being what it is, with competition rising in every corner of the globe, with information and knowledge being infinitely accessible, we can all use whatever edge we can get.

Enlisting a coach does not have to be a formal endeavor.  It certainly does not have to be an expensive one.  Free coaching is available via YouTube (I love Marie Forleo TV, as an example), blogs (Seth Godin is a remarkable writer and teacher), and Ted.com (an outstanding professional development resource), among others.  Our friends, family, professors, mentors, and spiritual counselors can act as coaches, as well.

The most important thing is that you are open to the idea of help, open to learning, and that you recognize the value in both.  The sooner  you do, the sooner you will be remarkable.  TWEET THIS!


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